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Investigation into Polish air crash reveals passengers in cockpit


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Wednesday, May 19, 2010

The investigation into the plane crash that killed Polish President Lech Kaczy?ski has revealed that passengers were in the cockpit of the crashed plane.According to the head of the technical commission involved with investigating the crash, Alexei Morozov, the crew of the aircraft had been warned of limited visibility, although it has not been determined whether or not the crew’s decision to land had been influenced by the passengers on board. The cause of the crash has not been identified, although the possibility of an explosion or terrorist attack on board the aircraft has been ruled out.

Morozov also said that the crew on board the plane had not been properly trained for the flight, and had been assembled only a few days before the flight. He said that the crew “did not undergo regular simulated training, including the practice of co-ordination and emergency situations during flights.”

The overall leader of the investigation, Tatyana Anodina, confirmed that unauthorized people had been in the cockpit near the end of the flight, saying that “in the cockpit there were individuals who were not members of the crew.” One person had been identified, although their name has not been released. Anodina said that “[t]he voice of one of them has been identified exactly, the voice of the other, or the others, will require additional information from the Polish side.”

The investigation also found that the aircraft involved had been in normal operating condition; Anodina said that “[t]he engines were working up till the moment the plane collided with the ground.”

Wikipedia has more about this subject:

Wikimedia Commons has media about 2010 Polish Air Force Tu-154 crash.

Salvador Sobral wins Eurovision for Portugal


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Monday, May 15, 2017

On Saturday, Portugal won its first victory at the Eurovision song competition, held this year at Kiev’s International Exhibition Centre in Ukraine. Salvador Sobral’s song Amar Pelos Dois won 758 points from public and professional judges. Bulgaria and Moldova came second and third respectively. Sobral called it “a victory for music”.

Out of 42 countries participating this time, 26 countries including hosts Ukraine and the Big Five — France, Germany, Italy, Spain and the United Kingdom — competed in the finals. The competition began on May 9. Sobral, who has a serious heart problem, did not perform during early rehearsals. Ukraine, Germany and Spain ended up at the bottom of the vote ranking winning collecting respectively 36, six and five points.

UK representative Lucie Jones secured fifteenth place with 111 points. Sobral’s ballad was written by his sister, who joined the 27-year-old winner on the stage during the reprise. Winner of the second semi-final Bulgaria’s Kristian Kostov secured 615 points from the voting and Moldova won 374 points. Last year, Ukrainian singer Jamala scored 534 points, then highest in the competition, but this year won only 36 points.

Portugal made its first appearance in the competition in 1964. The European Broadcast Union (EBU) warned Sobral against breaking the rules of the contest after he wore a t-shirt with “S.O.S.Refugees” written on it in a press conference following the first semi-final which Portugal had won. The Portuguese said, “If I’m here and I have European exposure, the least thing I can do is a humanitarian message […] People come to Europe in plastic boats and are being asked to show their birth certificates in order to enter a country. These people are not immigrants, they’re refugees running from death. Make no mistake. There is so much bureaucratic stuff happening in the refugee camps in Greece, Turkey, and Italy and we should help create legal and safe pathways from these countries to their destiny countries” EBU banned him from wearing t-shirts with politically motivated messages.

Kasia Mo?, representing Poland, said that she dedicated her performance to animal rights and added “I just hope that after this in Poland we’re going to change the law and we will not have dogs on chains”.

Eurovision reported the final was watched by four million viewers on YouTube.

As the winner of this edition of the competition, Portugal is to host next year’s competition. Two-time winner of the competition Ukraine previously hosted the 2005 contest.

Enjoy Your Christmas Meal At Milton Keynes Entertainment Centre}


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Enjoy your Christmas meal at Milton Keynes entertainment centre


Declan Ellis

Its round about now when people get organised for their Christmas get-togethers, whether its with work, friends or sports teams. One place that has all you need for a fun day as well as amazing nightlife Milton Keynes is Xscape. With unique activities, outdoor clothing specialist Milton Keynes shops and delicious restaurants, youll have a Christmas party to remember.

Some of the things to do Milton Keynes at Xscape include indoor skydiving, catching a film on impressive SuperScreens and speaking to an outdoor clothing specialist Milton Keynes at one of the retailers the stores at Xscape are especially helpful to those looking forward to a winter ski holiday!

If youd rather skip browsing the shops and head straight for the nightlife Milton Keynes for some food and festive drinks, take a look at the deals on offer at the centres restaurants:

ASK Italian

After exploring the things to do Milton Keynes at the centre, ASK Italian is a great place to enjoy some trusty Italian flavours and exciting Christmas specials.

One of the beautiful new dishes is the Prima Pizza Natale, with pulled pork belly porchetta, smoked scamorza cheese, spinach and adorned with roquito pepper pearls. Alternatively, if youd rather indulge in some pasta, try the brand-new Tortellini Mortadella!

For dessert, ASK have given their famous Baked Chocolate Gnocchi a festive revamp with white chocolate dipping sauce and desiccated coconut. Another delicious choice is the Chocolate Orange Bomba thats a parfait bomb with zesty orange and passionfruit filling the best way to add some flavour to your evening enjoying the nightlife Milton Keynes!

YouTube Preview Image

Theres also the option to add some festive sparkle to your cocktail at this Italian with a disco cocktail sipper nothing says party like cocktails and disco balls! Toast the season with a Christmas Cranberry Mojito a delicious blend of festive flavours that youll want to drink again and again. Its just 2 to upgrade, and the you can take your disco sipper home with you!

Theres something for everyone at this restaurant, with gluten-free options and a full vegan Christmas menu. This menu is available from 14th November and you can find out more on the website.

Coal Grill & Bar

Coal Grill & Bar have two or three-course options available for your Christmas meal, with a variety of main courses to choose from! Whether youre after a traditional Christmas dinner or would prefer a more classic dish, the team at Coal have got you covered.

The Christmas menu is available from Monday 20th November until Friday 22nd December. For more information, visit the Coal website.

Hollywood Bowl

Why not celebrate this year enjoying nightlife Milton Keynes with a fun twist? Partner a festive buffet with a competitive game of bowling and youre guaranteed a night to remember! Plus, you can snack on some cheesy nachos during your game, enjoy a cold drink on arrival and walk away with some great prizes.

Find out more about Christmas parties at Hollywood Bowl on their website.

Frankie & Bennys

Frankie & Bennys have a wide range of festive dishes for everyone to enjoy, from mozzarella sticks served with a cranberry dip to a Giant Pig in Blanket meal. Theres even a festive pizza to try topped with seasonal favourites including turkey, pigs in blankets, stuffing and cranberry sauce.

For parties with a sweet tooth, there are four tasty dessert options on the F&Bs Christmas Menu: the Chocolate Yule Log, the Festive Red Berry Pavlova Sundae, the Billionaires Gold Bar and the Mince Pie Cheesecake.

The Christmas Menu also includes a naughty but oh-so nice list of drinks, including the Old Fashioned Christmas and a Candy Cane Martini.

To find out more, visit their website.


Of all the things to do Milton Keynes, Revolution is the ideal place for a party. With a never-ending list of experimental cocktails and great options for either three-course dining or a Christmas buffet, theres something to satisfy every appetite this winter.

The Christmas Buffet and Snacks menu is sure to tickle your taste-buds, with options such as Buttermilk Fried Turkey, Halloumi & Cranberry Rolls, Caprese Skewers, Turkey Sliders and a King Prawn Cocktail.

On the other hand, if youd rather tackle a three-course line-up of sensational dishes, there are plenty of tasty choices for you. These include Manchego Cheese Fondue and Avocado & Pomegranate Salad for starter, Short Rib of Beed and Roast Turkey Ballotine for main and Warm Christmas Pudding and Winter Berry Cocktail for dessert.

Find out more on the Revolution website.

Head to Xscape

Whether youd like to browse the shops and speak to an outdoor clothing specialist Milton Keynes, try out some of the thrilling in-centre activities or simply enjoy a scrumptious meal, Xscape is the place to be this Christmas.

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Wikinews Shorts: June 4, 2007


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A compilation of brief news reports for Monday, June 4, 2007.

MediaCorp Radio in Singapore has been fined 15,000 Singaporean dollars (US$9,800) over an on-air stunt in March in which female guests on a radio show were asked to remove their brassieres, and pose for video that was to be posted on the station’s website and on YouTube.

The Media Development Authority said the radio show’s hosts made improper and sexually suggestive remarks about “how fast the bras were removed, as well as the color, design and cup size of the bras, and the size of the girls’ breasts.”


Researchers at University of Malaya say they have developed an erectile dysfunction cure from walnut extract.

“It takes about an hour for the effects to set in and it will last for about four hours,” said Professor Dr. Kim Kah Hwi of the Faculty of Medicine Physiology.

So far, 40 volunteers have tried the Viagra alternative, called “N-Hanz”, with positive results, Kim said. To make one pill, it takes about 3.3 kilograms (about 7 pounds) of walnuts.


An 8-year-old Indonesian boy died after being attacked on Saturday by a Komodo Dragon at Komodo National Park on Komodo.

The boy was attacked while making a toilet stop in a bush, a park official said. “The dragon bit his waist, tossed him and dragged him. His right leg was badly scratched,” park spokesman Heru Rudiharto said. The boy then bled to death.

Attacks by Dragons on humans are rare, though the reptiles, which can grow to a length of 3 meters (9 feet), regularly kill such prey as pigs and small deer. Komodo Dragons are an endangered and protected species, and about 2,000 of them live in the wild, mainly on Komodo and nearby Rinca island.


Cyclone Phet turns to Pakistan after hitting Oman


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Sunday, June 6, 2010

Heavy rains started on Sunday early morning throughout most of southern Pakistan as Cyclone Phet approached landfall. At least 370 millimeters were reported by the meteorological office in the port city of Gwadar on Friday; 208 milimeters in Jiwani, 139 milimeters in Pasni, 63 milimeters in Turbat and 60 in Ormara.

Heavy rains and thunderstorms hit southwestern Balochistan and parts of interior Sindh Saturday evening leaving thousands displaced and around 40 villages to be washed away by the heavy rains.

The storm system has moved from Oman and is expected to reach Pakistan by Sunday evening. According to the Oman News Agency, at least twelve people have been killed in Oman alone.

Use Apt Tools To Beautify Your Garden!


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Use Apt Tools to Beautify your Garden!



Do you love gardening? From your hunt for information on garden sprayers and loppers it is evident that you love gardening. Gardening isn t an easy process. On the other hand, it isn t that difficult as well. Working with proper care and dedication is more than enough to bring up a beautiful looking garden. People usually concentrate more on the renovation and beautification of interiors of their house. Yet, the real fact is that, it is the garden which your guest would see first before they enter your house. On the other hand, even the people passing by would rate you based on the exteriors of your house. So, maintaining garden appropriately is necessary.

Way back in early days, there weren t any tools available for people to work in their garden. Hence, they had to work hard towards its beautification. Now, you can find different types of tools, which makes your gardening process pretty easy. Among different types of tools, loppers and garden sprayers are the most moving ones. For your garden to look beautiful, you must timely remove the unwanted shrubs growing around. Alternatively, even your lawn would look awesome only if they grow evenly. Loppers play a great role in accomplishing all these tasks. At the same time, as these can be used easily, there will not be any strain for you to remove the unwanted plants growing the garden.

YouTube Preview Image

Apart from removing the unwanted shrubs, you also need to pay attention towards proper growth of every plant. Pests and insects invade on plants in your garden and causes disturbances in their growth. Thus, you need to pay close attention in order to prevent such disturbances in their growth. In case if you come across any such invasion of pests, you need to spray corresponding pesticide at the earliest. You will have to spray the pesticide around the infected area rather than spraying all around. For this purpose, garden sprayers are of great use.

Not just for spraying pesticides, you can use these to water small plants as well. There are few plants which don t need too much of water for their growth. You will just have to spray water over them. In all such cases sprayers is the apt tool to be used. So, when you purchase garden tools, never forget to include these among them. You can purchase garden tools from your nearest stores. If you are looking forward to purchase only the primary ones, then you can get them from your nearest stores.

Yet, if you wish to stay fully equipped while gardening, then the best option is to get all tools in one roof is by purchasing online. There are various websites available online, which vend all kinds of gardening tools. Thus, when you browse through such websites, you need to place order for required tools and make the payment to receive the tools at your door steps.

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garden sprayers

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General Motors automobile sales plunge by 45%


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Wednesday, April 1, 2009

General Motors Corporation (GM) announced on Wednesday that it saw a 45% drop in United States vehicle sales for its cars in March.

Executives from several auto firms, however, said that there was some hope for the auto industry to stabilise, as car sales rebounded in the last week of March.

“The market is starting to show small signs of life which need to be nourished like seedlings,” said the vice president and chairman of Chrysler LLC Jim Press. “It’s too early to see a trend, but spring shows signs of hope.”

Other automobile manufacturers also saw their car sales slip: Chrysler and the Japanese Toyota both reported a 39% loss, whilst Ford Motor Company sales fell 41%.

Annualised sales of vehicles in the car industry in the US are predicted to have dipped below nine million in March, compared to February’s 9.12 million, which was the lowest number since 1981.

“Auto makers are pulling every lever in their effort to attract buyers, as evidenced by the new programs from Ford and GM. The typical incentive programs simply do not resonate in today’s economy,” Jesse Toprak, an analyst for Edmunds.

Ford shares gained 2.3% to a level of US$2.69 in early trading at US stock markets on Wednesday, while stocks for Toyota’s US depository increased 5.9% to $67. GM shares slipped 1.6% down to $1.92.

Watercraft 3d Models Reviews Guide And Finest Free Collection Of Animated Mammals 3D Models


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nYou can even ask for sounds, animation, rigging, and specification for example low poly and usable on game engines regarding example unreal engine , unity and so on, with an above average price you will find amazingly detailed 3d models Choose the design you want and inquire going! A trendy railing design is an expression of creativity not just in regard to specific form and structure but also when it regards the usage of materials. You need contemplate several styles of storage based on wherever your stairs can be perfectly found on the homenOf course, you will be looking for the low-cost market with best quality because video games demand many 3d models in order to start level designing, for that we advise you to buy from 3dcgstore marketplace. You can also contact their support team and tell them the assets that you want, they’ll provide it in swiftly with wonderful pricenWhen searching for a baby high chair, make certain that there’s always something good pick a chair that may continue to keep your infant safe from slipping and falling from the chair. There’s one kind high chairs for an infant girl that’s portable. A great baby high chair just one of the which is safe wirelessTo start with how 3D printers work, it is necessary realize what is a 3D printer. Not more rather than a decade ago, they were utilised only by the businesses. No wonder a 3D printer will probably be a wonderful addition have to have a visual assistant in their opinion. Almost anything can be done employing a high-quality 3D printer since it prints your imagination, however weird or complicated designs the mind makes. You finally got your own 3D machine. Now, with just minimal investment, everyone can obtain the very best 3D printer out there. 3D printers aren’t just restricted to small fabrications. Consequently they are for you to handle and cheap to keep up. A Fun-filled exercise It’s not necessary that a 3D printer is bought just for educational or financial purposes, it may be used only for fun. If you’ve a little 3D printer at your workplace it seems to appear fascinating objects from plastics that may be warped by pressing hardnIf you actually are a professional 3d designer and you should think of making cash online then you will be looking for your highest commission marketplace, 3dcgstore considered the highest commission provider, over 80% return for every product you sell, additionally you will have own personal page and store within the sitenOf course, you will be looking for the low-priced market with exceptional quality because video games demand many 3d models in order to start level making, for that we advise you to buy from 3dcgstore marketplace. You can also contact their support team and tell them the assets that you require, they will provide it in swiftly with stunning priceMaterials 3dcgstore 3d models are standard good for practically any software. The procedure to extract the files of The Witcher 3 is a little longer and complicated than for the Witcher 2, but employing a bit of patience it is far from too complicated. All 3D applications have the opportunity to import image files so that you can view them in the scene. 3D modeling software package are a category of 3D computer graphics software which are used to make 3D models. You’ll find several great tools out there which it is easy to utilize to either accelerate your workflow or maybe to test different components of your modelsnOf course, you will be searching for the economical market with first-rate quality because games demand many 3d models in order to start level making, for that we advise you to visit 3dcgstore marketplace. You can also contact their support team and tell them the assets that you want, they will provide it in Quickly with amazing pricenOf course, you will be looking for the cheapest market with best quality because video games demand many 3d models in order to start level building, for that we advise you to obtain 3dcgstore 3d models marketplace. You can also contact their support team and tell them the assets that you require, they will provide it in no time at all with shocking priceSome beds are created particularly for animals. Feather beds are never sold with stain or water resistant protection so it is critical to learn to cover and guard your investment. Be sure the featherbed protector you purchase is big enough to fit your feather bed some styles like down top featherbeds can be very thick. Feather beds aren’t machine washable so that urged that you provide the most suitable number of preventative maintenance to keep your investment in the the good purchase. Wonderful way are going to wrestle selecting the proper mattress because they have so many choices available to people today. The most dependable approach to select a Spring Air Mattress is to be able to go into a shop and lie back on a fewWrap up You can discover models to download on an array of websites. Some models weren’t designed with 3D printing in mind, others should have defects in their design and must be repaired, or the 3D models might just be input into the incorrect file types. The model is subsequently utilised to design custom-fit insoles made by desktop 3D printers. Individual models are produced for extremely specific purposee.g. The finished models do absorb water, but they could even be sprayed to attain a glossy finish. At any step in the plan procedure and at any moment, you are that could simply use the most recent model of the plan and begin production the earth .

English court jails policeman over insurance fraud


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Thursday, July 1, 2010

A court in England, UK has jailed a policeman for ten months after he was convicted of defrauding his car insurance company.

Police Constable Simon Hood, 43, arranged for a friend who dealt in scrap metal to dispose of his Audi TT, then claimed it had been stolen.

Hood had been disappointed with the car’s value when he tried to sell it two years after its purchase in 2008. He arranged for friend Peter Marsh, 41, to drive the vehicle to his scrapyard in Great Yarmouth, Norfolk. Marsh then dismantled the vehicle with the intent of disposing of it, but parts were later found wrapped in bubblewrap at Ace Tyre and Exhaust Centre.

Marsh picked up the TT from outside nearby Gorleston police station. Records show mobile phone conversations between the conspirators that day in March, both before and after the vehicle was reported stolen. The pair denied wrongdoing but were convicted of conspiring to commit insurance fraud after trial.

The fraud was uncovered after Hood told former girlfriend Suzanne Coates of the scheme. It was alleged before Norwich Crown Court that he had confessed to her in an effort to resume their relationship. Coates said that after the pseudotheft, Hood told her “he didn’t want to look for it. He said it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack, which I thought was a bit strange.”

You knew throughout your career that policemen that get involved in serious dishonesty get sent to prison

Shortly afterwards Hood suggested they should become a couple once more, she said; she challenged his version of events regarding the car: “He said he did it but I couldn’t tell anyone. He said he did it with Peter. Peter had a key and took the car away and it was going to be taken to bits and got rid of so it was never found.”

Hood was defended by Michael Clare and Marsh by Richard Potts. Both lawyers told the court that their clients had already suffered as a result of the action in mitigation before sentencing. Clare said Hood had resigned from the police after fifteen years of otherwise good service and risked losing his pension. “It is not a case where his position as a police officer was used in order to facilitate the fraud,” he pointed out. “His career is in ruins.” Hood is now pursuing a career in plumbing.

Potts defended Marsh by saying that he, too, had already suffered from his actions. His own insurers are refusing to renew their contract with him when it expires and his bank withdrew its overdraft facility. His business employs 21 people and Potts cited Marsh’s sponsorship of Great Yarmouth In Bloom as amongst evidence he supported his local community.

Judge Alasdair Darroch told Marsh that he did accept the man was attempting to help his friend. He sentenced Marsh to six months imprisonment, suspended for two years and ordered to carry out 250 hours of community service. He was more critical of Hood:

“As a police officer you know the highest possible standards are demanded by the public. You have let down the force. You knew throughout your career that policemen that get involved in serious dishonesty get sent to prison.”

Best Concrete Ready Mix In Benton Harbor


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byAlma Abell

Whether you’re looking for , and there is no stopping in the future. Peterman Concrete sells their products in Kalamazoo, Battle Creek, South Haven, Benton Harbor, and St. Joseph.

Along with Ready Mix in Benton Harbor and decorative concrete, the company also offers packaged goods in the form of mortar, cement, and quick set concrete patch material. They have premixed supplies of mortar, sand, gravel, baby sand and silica sand. They also have aggregates, crushed concrete and blocks, all in different sizes and styles. Anything that you could want for your concrete needs, they can offer you.

Decorative concrete Benton Harbor is exactly what it sounds like; concrete that is used to fulfill decorative needs rather than structural. It can be used to enhance a structure, and it can also be used as part of the structure itself. Some of the more popular uses for decorative concrete are patios and driveways, floors, walls, counter tops, pool decks, and other structural accessories. The method used for creating decorative concrete is called stamping. With this method, the concrete is poured and placed the same way traditional concrete is. A color hardener is then applied and worked into the concrete, and after it’s smoothed down, a releasing agent is applied. The pattern is then stamped into the concrete, and with a few finishing touches and finishing coats, you’ll have a beautifully stamped decorative bit of concrete!

Just like decorative concrete, ready mix concrete is exactly what it sounds like. It’s concrete that is manufactured in a factory and delivered to a distributor already mixed in the perfect recipe and ready to pour. This type of concrete is usually preferred on construction sites because it’s a big time-saver to not have to mix the concrete when you’re on site.