Home Remodeling Tools


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By Leon Groom

There are professional home building contractors that have a large collection of home remodeling tools they can use to complete a job properly. These home remodeling tools might consist of a sander, circular saw, paint sprayer machine, wall paper brushes, paint brushes and electrical tape.

For an inexperienced home repairer, the amount of home remodeling tools that they will have on hand to use everyday will be severely limited. At best, an inexperienced home repairer might have a good, wooden handled hammer, a paint can opener, a roll of electrical tape and masking tape and a Phillips head screwdriver that has seen better days.

All of these home remodeling tools have been used by friends, relatives and by the inexperienced home repairer to fix little things in the house, and the car. Some of these home remodeling tools are caked with grease from an uncertain area underneath the hood of the family automobile.

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When strangers look underneath the hood of the family vehicle they see immediately that the battery cables show evidence of some sort of abuse and the dents on the battery heads must have been caused by the ill-fated hammer that the inexperienced home repairer has in his home remodeling tools collection. They are not aware of the electrical tape that has been used to hold up the car interior lining in three spots.

In the mind of an inexperienced home repairman, the wooden handled hammer is a very versatile tool. This tool can help to replace whole wall segments after hours of pounding into layers of sheetrock and joint tape. They feel quite capable to rip out the metal sheeting that is connected to their roofing frame too.

These home remodeling tools are not the latest on the market, but the homeowner does feel safe using them around electrical wires because they think wooden handles will protect them from any jolts of electricity that might occur when they hammer away at interior wall wiring.

A inexperienced home repairer knows how handy a paint can open can be, because it’s the same home remodeling tools that they use to scrape their hardwood floors with, and the edges around their window panes. The only problem they seem to run into is the deep gouges that the tools make in their antiquated flooring.

The paint can tool is not a good tool to use if you need to judge the amount of pressure that is placed on glass when you scrape it clean of extra paint either. Many home repairs specialist keep the number of their home improvement center on speed dial for quick glass replacement.

A true home building repair contractor will use home remodeling tools that are state-of-the art. They have laser scanners that will be able to identify studs in a wall, laser wall levelers that let them know if flooring was laid correctly, and cutting tools to rip through carpeting layers with ease. The home remodeling tools they use are typically stored in professional tool racks that they can wheel to any area of the home. One of the home remodeling tools that you will not hear much about is the discretion a true professional has, because he doesn’t talk about a homeowner. He just wheels his tools in and gets started on making the home right again and use the home remodeling tools to make it happen quickly.

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Craigslist Pva How To Effortlessly Erase Cookies


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Submitted by: Creztor Tessel

Cleaning your cookies is very important for anyone who uses Craigslist and multiple PVA Craigslist accounts. It is widely believed that your activity on the classified site is monitored through several measures, one of which includes storing user data in cookies on your computer. The information stored in these cookies is used to identify and track user activity to prevent any supposedly violation of the terms of Craigslist. These terms include that a user should only ever have one Craigslist verified account. If you use multiple Craigslist PVA for your posting, then it is vital that you clear the cookies on your personal computer. Clearing cookies can be done in several ways. Many people opt to do it manually using their web browser settings, but there is also software designed specifically to erase cookies and other private files that websites store on your hard drive.

Every web browser stores cookies. If you are looking for a way to erase your private information that Craigslist has been storing on your hard drive, then one way you can remove it is by using whatever web browser it is that you post with to erase them. Most web browsers have a settings option which will allow you to change a variety of settings, of which one should include the ability to manage the cookie files it has been storing. By simply making sure you delete all your cookies, this should prevent Craigslist from tracking your activity on the classified site if you are using multiple phone verified accounts. While all web browsers have the ability to delete or remove cookie files that have been stored, there is software available that does it all for free and much faster than you ever could manually with your web browser.

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There are several programs available that will make deleting cookie files easy. One of the best of these is known as CCleaner. Don’t let the name fool you or the fact that this software can be downloaded free of charge fool you. CCleaner is the best cookie clearing software for Window based computers. It will allow you to clean cookies for multiple browsers with a simple click. Instead of loading up each web browser and manually using the settings option to clear cookies, you are able to clear all cookies for most major browsers with just one click of your mouse. It also has support to remove flash cookies and other private information if you believe Craigslist monitors or stores data on your computer beyond cookies.

Clearing cookies on your computer is vital to make the most from your Craigslist PVA. Verified accounts are expensive and difficult to come by, so make sure you erase all cookies before posting with multiple accounts. If you don’t mind spending a little more time than usual, your favourite web browser will be able to delete your cookies with a little work. However, a much better solution to deleting cookies before you post with Craigslist verified accounts is to use CCleaner. You’ll be able to delete all cookies on your computer within seconds, saving not only time but also your verified accounts.

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Rss Web Xml Feeds Syndication!


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By Larry L. Miller

In yesterdays article we covered some rather basic information on RSS feeds. Today we want to take it to the next level and discuss in greater detail some of the other advantages of using RSS feeds for the users as well as the web site owner.

The question is often ask, ‘Just what is an RSS feed anyway?’ There are several terms you will encounter online which are all considered as feeds. Feeds can be referred to as RSS feeds, web feeds, XML feeds and syndicated content, just to name a few. These feeds are normally updated by new content being published from a website.

Feeds can be used to distribute new content regarding news, weather, joke of the day, pictures, audio, videos and some forms of digital content. Podcasting is a form of feed which delivers audio content that can be listened to on a your computer or MP3 player.

To determine whether or not a website offers feeds, IE (Internet Explorer) will search for any feeds. If there are feeds available, the feed button will be displayed and you will hear a sound as the icon changes color. Orange is the most common color used for the RSS feed icon. If you would like more info on RSS feeds, their functions and benefits, you should go to your favorite search engine and do some extensive research. It will certainly be worth your time and efforts.

Once you’ve found the feed buttons, you can click on the button and view feeds at your convenience. Once you subscribe to the feed, you will automatically have new content available regarding that web site with a simple click of the feed icon. No spam emails or high pressure sales tactics will be used, just new information about the product or service of interest. You may unsubscribe at any time without a lot of hassle or pesky emails trying to get you to re-subscribe. Your email address is safe when you use feeds.

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Subscribing to any feed is simple, safe and secure. With a click of the mouse you can add a feed to your favorites bar. Using feeds is one of the safest methods of acquiring knowledge and keeping up to date, about virtually any product or service on the internet. Your personal information used when subscribing to a feed is always secure and will not be used for any other purpose.

The content of the feed can be the same content as you will find in a website. The format might be a little different, but who cares about the format, as long as you’re getting the information you desire. IE automatically checks a website and downloads new information that has been added to the web site since you last visited the site. This is in real time and even though you reviewed the feeds yesterday, any new content will appear immediately. You can control the time intervals that IE will update your feeds with some simple tweeks in your system.

One great feature is the price of subscribing to a feed! It’s free….absolutely no cost for you to keep informed about any topic of interest. What else can you think of, that is so powerful and you can participate in, and cost you nothing? What a concept!

You can view the feeds you’ve subscribed to at your convenience. To view a feed, go to my favorites, click the favorite’s button, and then click feeds. It’s that simple to subscribe to, or to review your feeds.

As we pointed out earlier, RSS is the acronym for Really Simple Syndication. This term is used to describe the overall technology that is used for creating feeds. There are different formats used in feeds; the most common are referred to as RSS and Atom which you will see on most sites. There are several different versions of these formats, however, don’t be over concerned about the technical aspects related to feeds and enjoy the simplicity of their use.

If you’re a website owner or webmaster, it’s extremely important to understand feeds and implement this type of marketing tool into your online strategies. By doing some research on your favorite search engine, you will find a ton of information, from the basic information to the most advanced. Don’t over complicate this process. Google offers some excellent information that will help you to better understand what feeds is all about and help get you started in the proper use of RSS feeds.

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Increase Online Customer Reviews To Improve Your Seo}


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Increase Online Customer Reviews to Improve your SEO


MarksteveEveryone looks for the best options on the internet if they are looking for local restaurants, a doctor, dentist, schools, mechanic and what not. According to BrightLocal’s 2014 Local Consumer Review Survey, 90% of consumers consult online, and 72% of them believed that positive reviews make them trust a business more than anything else. With the digital marketing increasing exponentially, even the search engines consider customer reviews as a powerful signal to give good rankings for your business web page for local search results. Even the Search Ranking Report by Moz suggests that it contributes to 10% of the overall ranking factors. So, it is important to increase reviews of your online customers and improve your SEO and the below-mentioned tips will definitely help you:-1. Collect moreAsking reviews from your customers is very important and it can be done through emails, phone calls, websites or even the traditional postcard approach. Information publishers, retailers and service providers should encourage their readers, clients, and customers to give genuine feedback as it is going to help attract more customers and improve your services.2. Tested ProcessIf your customers are happy and satisfied with y our services but unable to give their positive feedback, then it is simply a waste to you. Many customers will just avoid it and your business loses to make new customers. They might experience friction while going through the process like the form being non-responsive on the mobile device, forgetting the login credentials, bulky forms, etc. It is better to test the process before the customers face any kind of hassles.3. Verified buyersTo add more credibility, it is advised to add verified user badges to your old and existing customers as they can be trusted and add authenticity to your work. Other fellow customers can feel motivated and confident if they see that the other person has had a good experience.4. Make it profitable for customersBy adding points for every review that the customer gives, you can encourage your customers as they will also see some profit from that. It is a good idea to incentivize your customers and increase their engagement. Customers should be allowed to track their points and use them in future deals.5. Contact some agencyIt is important to check your existing initiatives and look for more ways to improve them. By opting for companies like PowerReviews, who can recommend to your customers to send post-purchase reviews and ensure that the best practices are followed.6. Keeping the directory updatedCompanies should ensure that the basic information like name, address and phone number are updated on the directories like Google My Business, Yelp, yp.com, Manta, etc. as the comments left on the third-party sites have more impact on rankings. If a customer finds the basic information wrong in the directory, then you loose the trust there itself. Yext and ReachLocal are useful services to manage directories and check for errors.7. Moderate, Aid and Thoughtfully RespondNo one wants to see foul language being used on a site and to prevent that it should be moderated through anti-fraud technology and human brains. Negative reviews can be at times be useful to other customers and it is best to respond in a thoughtful manner. Also if you want your customers to give positive feedback and use superlative words for description, then it is best to use descriptive words in your content only as it will aid your customers in picking up the keywords and use them.So, do not ignore the reviews coming on your site and make sure you do your best to increase them and gain great rankings for your site.

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