The Psychology Behind Gardening


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The Psychology Behind Gardening


Alfonzo Porrini

I don t know what it is about a garden that has always drawn humans to

them. But they ve always been very popular, and an integral part of

peoples lifestyles. Most religions feature gardens as the settings for

some of the biggest events According to Christianity, humanity was started

in a garden and the son of God was resurrected in a garden. The Buddhist

build gardens to allow nature to permeate their surroundings. Almost every

major palace and government building has a garden. But what s so great

about them? They re just a bunch of plants, after all.

Of course, the reasoning is fairly obvious behind why people grow food in

gardens. It s to eat! If you live off the fat of the land and actually

survive on stuff from your garden, it s easy to understand the reasoning.

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But I m thinking about those people who plant flower gardens just for the

sake of looking nice. There s no immediate benefit that I can see; you

just have a bunch of flowers in your yard! However, after thinking

extensively about the motivation behind planting decorative gardens, I ve

conceived several possible theories.

I think one of the reasons people love gardens so much is that while we

have a natural desire to progress and industrialize, deep within all of us

is a primal love for nature. While this desire might not be as strong as

the desire for modernism, it is still strong enough to compel us to create

gardens, small outlets of nature, in the midst of all our hustle and

bustle. Since being in nature is like regressing to an earlier stage of

humanity, we too can regress to a time of comfort and utter happiness.

This is why gardens are so relaxing and calming to be in. This is why

gardens are a good place to meditate and do tai chi exercises. A garden is

a way to quickly escape from the busy world.

I ve thought at times that perhaps we as humans feel a sort of guilt

driving us to restore nature and care for it. This guilt could stem from

the knowledge that we, not personally but as a race, have destroyed so

much of nature to get where we are today. It s the least we can do to

build a small garden in remembrance of all the trees we kill every day.

It s my theory that this is the underlying reason for most people to take

up gardening as a hobby.

Gardening is definitely a healthy habit though, don t get me wrong. Any

hobby that provides physical exercise, helps the environment, and improves

your diet can t be a negative thing. So no matter what the underlying

psychological cause for gardening is, I think that everyone should

continue to do so. In the USA especially, which is dealing with obesity

and pollution as its two major problems, I think gardening can only serve

to improve the state of the world.

Of course I m no psychologist; I m just a curious gardener. I often stay

up for hours wondering what makes me garden. What is it that makes me go

outside for a few hours every day with my gardening tools, and facilitate

the small-time growth of plants that would grow naturally on their own? I

may never know, but in this case ignorance truly is bliss. – Your Shopping Solution!

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Organic Gardening Tips To Help You Ditch The Toxic Garden Chemicals


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Organic Gardening Tips To Help You Ditch The Toxic Garden Chemicals


Jason Morton

Organic gardening is undoubtedly a very enjoyable pastime, despite the effort, patience and skill involved. The point of organic gardening is to grow healthy, toxin free food that you can enjoy and benefit from. It actually isn\’t as hard as it sounds. Keep reading to learn what you can do to make your garden succeed.

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For fertilizer in your organic garden, you can develop your own compost pile. You can do this by creating a worm composting bin. Put red earth worms in with dirt and shredded newspaper to help digest your kitchen scraps, and make perfect organic compost. When you are doing work in your garden, be efficient. You do not have the time to spend an hour looking for each tool you need. You can prepare what you need beforehand, keep it all handy in a toolbox or a shed, and you will be ready to work in your garden at a moment\’s notice. Get yourself a tool belt, or wear pants with many pockets. A valuable piece of advice is to plant crops with a high value to you personally. The worth of a plant is not an objective thing. Choosing plants that would ordinarily cost a considerable amount to purchase at a supermarket will inevitably save you money. So, plant what you love and save money at the same time. Create a mixture that consists of six parts water to one part milk, and spray your garden with this solution regularly. This helps prevent mildew, which can cause your plants to die. You can store the mixture in the fridge for as long as three weeks. Spray your plants with this mixture daily until you see the mildew has been sufficiently controlled. Use the ingredients in your kitchen to create a natural pest-deterring spray. Make a spray from water and garlic, chives, or onions. First, dice an onion, garlic clove or bundle of chives into a fine consistency. Next, add these ingredients to one-half cup of water, then use a strainer as you pour the concoction into a sprayer bottle. Adding some biodiversity to your garden, can really help you get the most from your gardening efforts. Including a healthy mix of native grasses and flowers will attract wildlife. Your organic garden should closely mimic a natural setting so plant different varieties of plants that can coexist in your location. If you do this, your garden will not only be relaxing, but environmentally friendly, as well. The ideal way to water your organic garden is with a soaker hose. This will allow the water to seep slowly into the soil straight to the plant\’s roots. Compared with sprinklers, a soaker hose wastes less water and is far more convenient to use. Try using aspirin water for fighting plant diseases. An aspirin and a half, combined with a couple of gallons of water, will do amazing things for your plants. Spray the plants with the aspirin solution to help your plants fight disease. You should spray your plants about once every three weeks. Want to get rid of weeds naturally? A layer of newspaper, several pages thick, placed over the ground will do the trick. Weeds must have sunlight in order to grow. By covering them with a layer of newspaper, you are essentially suffocating the weeds due to a lack of light. Newspapers tend to break down into compost nicely. Add a layer of mulch on top to make it look more attractive! Tuck away some plastic grocery bags and use them to slip over your muddy boots. When you do this, your flow stays going, and you can just get right back out to your garden and finish quick. You have what you need and the skills to use these tips when gardening. Awesome! The tips here should help you with your organic gardening. Don\’t stop here, though, you should continue learning. You might even have learned something you hadn\’t known before to use in your organic garden. These tips can be great for you if you wish to develop an organic garden, however if you totally desire to enjoy the best outcomes I will highly recommend getting a step by step manual that can teach you everything that you must know to grow your own organic and natural garden at the easiest way. Have a look at the links below for some recommendations.

Would you like to figure out how to grow your very own organic and natural garden at the easiest way?

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and learn how you can grow organic food in a very easy and effective method.

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Use Apt Tools To Beautify Your Garden!


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Use Apt Tools to Beautify your Garden!



Do you love gardening? From your hunt for information on garden sprayers and loppers it is evident that you love gardening. Gardening isn t an easy process. On the other hand, it isn t that difficult as well. Working with proper care and dedication is more than enough to bring up a beautiful looking garden. People usually concentrate more on the renovation and beautification of interiors of their house. Yet, the real fact is that, it is the garden which your guest would see first before they enter your house. On the other hand, even the people passing by would rate you based on the exteriors of your house. So, maintaining garden appropriately is necessary.

Way back in early days, there weren t any tools available for people to work in their garden. Hence, they had to work hard towards its beautification. Now, you can find different types of tools, which makes your gardening process pretty easy. Among different types of tools, loppers and garden sprayers are the most moving ones. For your garden to look beautiful, you must timely remove the unwanted shrubs growing around. Alternatively, even your lawn would look awesome only if they grow evenly. Loppers play a great role in accomplishing all these tasks. At the same time, as these can be used easily, there will not be any strain for you to remove the unwanted plants growing the garden.

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Apart from removing the unwanted shrubs, you also need to pay attention towards proper growth of every plant. Pests and insects invade on plants in your garden and causes disturbances in their growth. Thus, you need to pay close attention in order to prevent such disturbances in their growth. In case if you come across any such invasion of pests, you need to spray corresponding pesticide at the earliest. You will have to spray the pesticide around the infected area rather than spraying all around. For this purpose, garden sprayers are of great use.

Not just for spraying pesticides, you can use these to water small plants as well. There are few plants which don t need too much of water for their growth. You will just have to spray water over them. In all such cases sprayers is the apt tool to be used. So, when you purchase garden tools, never forget to include these among them. You can purchase garden tools from your nearest stores. If you are looking forward to purchase only the primary ones, then you can get them from your nearest stores.

Yet, if you wish to stay fully equipped while gardening, then the best option is to get all tools in one roof is by purchasing online. There are various websites available online, which vend all kinds of gardening tools. Thus, when you browse through such websites, you need to place order for required tools and make the payment to receive the tools at your door steps.

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Commercial Landscaping Specialists To Design Your Dream Yard}


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Commercial Landscaping Specialists To Design Your Dream Yard


Tony BulicAll of us crave for a well designed, beautifully landscaped yard to complement our perfect home. And many of us dream up a pretty wild design theme that, according to us, would be perfect for our home. But, that doesn’t mean it can be transformed into a reality. It may not be a practical idea or it may simply not be feasible in your yard space. This is where commercial landscaping specialists come in. They are the experts, they have the training and the experience to design your dream yard.There are several reasons why you should work with commercial landscaping specialists to design your dream yard. Firstly, a landscaping professional is able to conceptualise an idea looking at the yard space, the lay of the land, the type of soil, climate and other local factors that would affect your garden design. He or she has the knowledge and the training to come up with a creative idea that is perfect for you.Hiring a commercial landscaping specialist may cost you much less in the long run rather than doing it yourself. Landscaping requires various tools and equipment that you may not have. Buying it may cost quite a bit, besides, you also need to spend on the materials to build up the landscape. Commercial landscaping specialists carry the tools of the trade so you won’t be spending on it.Do you know which plants will thrive in the garden or how to lay the lawn? Commercial landscaping specialists have all this knowledge and then some. Their vast experience in designing beautiful landscapes gives them the ability to anticipate problems that may arise and the capability to resolve them. If you need a complete redesign of your yard or you want to start from scratch, commercial landscaping specialists are more than willing to handle the job.Commercial Lawn Care costs a lot of money and before you begin, it is important to budget out the whole process. If you are doing it on your own, budgeting can take a lot of research before you actually get down to working on the project. With their experience, landscaping professionals are able to give you a quote or at least a ball park figure of what it should cost to design your beautiful dream yard.If you’re planning to hand over the landscaping project to the specialists, choose a local agency. They are aware of the conditions in your area and you get a quicker response during the planning and execution stage. Log on to to find your local commercial landscaping specialists. Just type your suburb in the box to get a list, select the service provider and get quotes for the project. You can also get multiple quotes for a comparative analysis of the rates and select a suitable Landscape Contractors according to your budget.Our business provides gardening services of all types. Services such as Lawn Mowing, garden care and maintenance and even rubbish removal. We can also offer households and business owners tree pruning services as well as gutter cleaning and plant maintenance. Our other great services include looking after your lawn by providing it with the right food and over time you will have a beautiful green lawn. The main difference with us is that we care for your overall garden and can also supply most products that you may require.

We are Lawn and Gardening Specialists providing services for individuals and businesses.

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