Hard Money Lenders Hard Money Loans For Real Estate Investors


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Hard Money Lenders – Hard Money Loans for Real Estate Investors by Louis JeffriesWhy A Hard Money Loan.The reason real estate investors choose to use hard money loans is that they are a source to purchase and rehab property to make a substantial profit that they may not have without the use of this expensive money. These short term loans are expensive and even if they were legal for a home owner to borrow from the private lenders offering these loans it would never be advisable. So how hard are these private loans you should ask? The answer is threefold. They have restrictive loan to values, they have high interest rates and high loan fees.Restrictive in Loan to Value.The maximum loan to value for most private loans range from 50% to 75%. No deals are done at the higher loan to value for two reasons. The hard money lenders require lots of equity in case of default so they can sell the property quickly because it will be below market value. The reason I say in theory is because there are so many REO’s, Short Sales and foreclosure properties on the market today that what was normally considered an exceptional deal is common place. For that reason The private lenders are more particular about the properties and loans they choose to fund.Secondly, any real estate investment that has less than 30% equity are not good investments for the investors unless they are purchasing the property for the cash flow. In that case they are long term investments and not suitable for the short term nature of these expensive bridge loans.High Interest Rates.Whether you are an investor buying and or rehabbing commercial or residential investor properties the rates are substantially higher than they would be for conventional commercial or residential lending. The rates are higher much because the risks are much higher and there source of these funds are limited. Risk and Reward. Supply and Demand. Higher risks because these loans are not underwritten to standard conventional criteria and there is a very limited or no secondary market for these private bridge loans. This is generally not an issue because the borrowers know these are only short term loans. The terms range typically from 3 to 24 months. Therefore, the higher interest rate is of minimum importance because both lenders and borrowers know that the borrowers have an exit strategy to quickly payoff these high interest rate loans. Most lenders require a viable and verifiable exit strategy before they make will the loans.Higher Points.Because these loans are short term in nature the hard money lenders always charge discount points. They typically charge 4 to 6 discount points. In addition the private money brokers will charge 2 to 5 points. So on average a borrower is paying 8 to 10 points. Plus closing costs. These are high fees. They only make sense when an real estate investor will make substantially more money and they have no other way to fund the deals.Why Use Hard Money Lenders.Simply to make money. As a real estate investor you have choices in financing your deals. You can choose conventional financing that requires at 30% to 35% down payment for properties that are in good shape. There are many other conventional mortgage criteria including credit, cash reserves, seasoning of funds and property. These all make conventional financing almost impossible.Another option is to use your own funds and not finance a deal at all. But, most astute real estate investors know that if they can make a net profit of $25,000, $50,000, $100,000 or more using a hard money loan they do not like the fees but they we pay them versus not making any money because of lack of financing.Louis Jeffries has been a Mortgage Banker for over 20 years. A Investor Rehab Specialist Louis will help you fund you next rehab or construction project. Contact Louis louisj@alldominionmortgage.com 708-299-3244 Visit The Blogs Investor RehabHard MoneyArticle Source: eArticlesOnline.com

Real Estate Services}


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Real Estate Services


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Joel Weihe

When thinking about services or employment in real estate an agent or sales come to mind. Selling residential real estate is a big part of the real estate business of course, but there are many other services offered. Services that revolve around investing in or buying real estate. There are many other career opportunities than just becoming a real estate agent.

Education is big in real estate. To receive a license to sell real estate one must first learn and study for the test. Special schools exist for the purpose of teaching prospects what they need to know to pass the licensing exam. After the license is received ongoing education is required by most states. Education in the real estate business never ends. Many different types of classes are taught at Universities, community colleges and real estate schools. Seminars are another way to get information and training.A real estate agent works under a broker. A Broker brings together buyers and sellers or landlords and tenants, what ever the case may be. Brokers negotiate the real estate deal for their clients, take care of paper work, and get the deal closed. This is also what agents do, but agents do it for a broker. Real estate deals, transactions and activity usually requires the services of an appraiser. Appraisers are in the business of making appraisals, or finding the value of something. In real estate appraisers are needed to find the value of properties to be bought and sold. Banks require appraisals before they can lend money. Tax assessment and insurance adjusting requires the services of an appraiser also.There are counselors in the real estate business whose service is to provide advise to people and firms regarding buying, selling and using real estate properties. Counselors have to have a large knowledge base of tax laws, investing, finance and real estate.Property management is a big part of the real estate business. Large commercial properties as well as apartment complexes and sometimes subdivisions have companies that manage the day to day operations. Filling vacancies, maintenance and collecting moneys are some of the responsibilities of property management. In the process property mangers find ways to maximize income and keep properties maintained and profitable. There are property management companies and sometimes real estate firms have their own property management divisions. Mortgage brokers are an important facet of the real estate business. Real estate transactions generally require financing. Mortgage brokers bring buyers and lenders together, much like real estate brokers bring buyers and sellers together. Some real estate brokers also hold a license as a mortgage broker. To have real estate you need property development. Developing property involves sub dividing land, installing roads, sewers and utilities, and constructing buildings. Everything from construction workers to builders to developers fall into this category. As you can see there are many jobs that are related directly to real estate. If being a real estate agent is not your desire, there are other services needed to get the job done. From finding the right parcel of land to putting the finishing touches on the landscaping to finding and putting a perspective client into their dream property. Every one of these services plays an important role and the end result couldn’t be accomplished without the entire team.Joel Weihe

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Retirement Living In Omaha Has Many Benefits


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byAlma Abell

When the kids have grown up and start their own families, many seniors move out of their large family homes in favor of something smaller and more manageable. One of the best options for seniors is a retirement community. Retirement Living in Omaha offers many advantages over maintaining a private residence.

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One of the greatest benefits of retirement living is being among people their own age. Seniors who live in retirement communities are close to other people in their age group. Many senior living communities organize a number of activities that are created especially for older adults. There is never a dull moment for active seniors. Those who prefer a more peaceful life aren’t disturbed by young families.

Retirement communities are designed for seniors to age in place. Living spaces include hand rails and bathroom fixtures that are accessible whether the resident is walking on their own or using a walker or a wheelchair. Apartments typically have emergency call systems so seniors can get help quickly if they need it. Residents with health problems can alert staff so a medical team can assist them immediately.

Seniors who have mobility problems can get help with their daily living tasks without having to burden their family members. Staff at senior living communities provide housekeeping services and offer cooked meals for residents who can’t or don’t want to prepare their own food. Apartments are large enough for family members to visit comfortably. Adult children are often surprised at how happy their parents are when they choose Retirement Living in Omaha.

Residents can be as independent as they like when they live in a retirement community. Many seniors like to leave the community to shop or take walks in nearby neighborhoods. Others stay on the property and enjoy the manicured grounds and wide range of activities available on a regular basis for residents.

On-site medical care may be provided to residents who need it. Most reirement comminities also have a barbershop and beauty salon so residents can remain well-groomed. Transportation may also be available for medical appointments or for shopping trips. However, seniors who have personal vehicles may keep them in the parking garage for their convenience.

Treatment Guidelines For The Elderly}


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Treatment Guidelines for the Elderly


Vincent Song

Treating asthma in elderly can be more complicated and different from adults and children. One thing for sure is the medication that can be given to them is a bit more limited than adult and children. The elderly are unable to take certain medication as their weak physique can make certain side effects unbearable.

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This may be true if the elderly have current long term illness like glaucoma and are taking other medication. Giving asthma medication can only interfere with the other medication and aggravate instead of helping the asthma condition. Taking too much medication at one time can also lead to liver damage in the long run. Not so good news for an already frail elderly body.The purpose of treatment of asthma in the elderly is similar to other asthma treatment is so that the elderly can lead a normal life as soon as possible. Treatment guidelines are also similar too. Take control of the asthma first then reduce dosage to reduce side effects of medication.The difficulties that elderly face is that many of them will face problem using MDI (metered dose inhaler) if they are suffering from arthritis and or other joint related illness. They may lack the physical strength to press the canister. Measuring peak flow can prove to be a herculean task for them if they lack the strength for a forceful breath.Inhaled corticosteroid can be given but however it must be in controlled as elderly are more susceptible side effects bruising of skin and bone damage which leads to faster osteoporosis in the elderly. Corticosteroid taken orally posed even a greater danger elderly people has a weaker digestive system and the medication digest slower. This means that the side effects are more adverse and last longer. Physician will usually reduce the dosage as soon as possible.Doctors also have noted more adverse side effects when taking beta2 agonist. Symptoms include cardiac arrest if the elderly have already an existing heart condition. Drop in potassium levels is also noted. Elderly that are unable to bear the side effects of beta2 agonist may opt for anti-cholinergic instead.Elderly may also have to stop beta blocker medication and take a selective agent instead. Beta blocker medications are commonly prescribed for common elderly illness like hypertension, migraine and cardiac arrhythmia. Beta receptors in the lungs calm the muscle layer in the bronchial tubes. These beta blockers impede the beta receptors in the lungs from receiving nerve signals and lead to reverse effect and constriction of the tubes occur instead.Treating asthma for elderly can be a complicated process as doctors need to weigh in more factors than treatment for the adult and children. A good advice is that elderly have another care person that is preferably a close family member to act as a look out.

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Treatment Strategies for different levels of asthma

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Helping Your Teen Find Their Personal Style


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It can be tough living with a teen, especially if he or she is strong-willed, creative, and ready to take on the world. In the long run, you will be happy you have raised a kid with confidence and a willingness to strike out in the world, but the transition from child to adult can be tough for parents and kids. One of the ways teenagers express themselves is through their wardrobe, frequently leading to arguments about clothing and personal style. As a parent, if you are able to guide your child s fashion choices without taking the control away from him or her, everyone in the home will be happier. It is important for parents to encourage creative choices and help their children be trend-setters. No matter how strange you may think their choices, it is always better for a kid to choose styles they feel comfortable wearing, as opposed to following what everyone else is doing. If your child wants to wear military t-shirts and combat boots, while everyone else is wearing dress shirts and jeans, so be it. A military t-shirt can be a statement in the fashion world.

One of the important factors in helping your child develop a sense of fashion is budgeting. While it is common for kids to come home and ask for an expensive pair of designer jeans or pricey pairs of shoes, it may not be in the family budget. If your child is able to find affordable substitutes for fashion trends, it may be possible for them to wear the latest styles without breaking the bank. If only the designer originals will work, than you need to encourage your child to save their money so they can contribute to wardrobe purchases.

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It can be tough when your child is wearing clothes that do not suit your personal taste to not speak up. Remember, if your teen thinks they are getting a rise out of you with their clothing choices, they will capitalize on their control. The important thing is for them to understand self-respect and respectable clothing choices, while still having the freedom to wear things you may consider weird or unusual.

When guiding your child s clothing choices, help them understand the role event plays in their wardrobe choices. It is important for people to understand what they wear at home or out to a nightclub may not be appropriate for work or for family celebrations. While your teen may not be going to these extremes, they should still understand how time and event play a role in what a person should wear. When your child is dressing for an event that is different than their every day attire; help them pick something that is more appropriate for what they will be doing. The advantage of letting them have a say on the everyday basis earns you the ability to have your opinion respected when you speak up about what to wear to family events, college interviews, and out of the ordinary situations.

Help them realize putting together a wardrobe of clothing should be fun. There is a lot of pressure on kids to look a certain way, and while what your child s friends think may be important, their own style should take precedence. Encourage them to choose colors and styles they like, as opposed to settling for what everyone else tells them to wear.

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4 Story Feran Def Warrior Build}


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4Story Feran def warrior build



Skills: I do know this probly doesnt make a whole lotta sense, but i dont recall the names of these skills xD. so unil i get back on plus write down the skill names, i used the shortcut numbers to indicate which skill is which. The PVP one is probly most confusing. The green path is the first part, plus the red comes after. In pvp stun is your best mate. If you can stun the opponent then you can much win. I use stun, then use assault skills, then use sweep hell, assault skills, skill block, slow, plus then repeat. In TW, warriors are much shields that take hits plus stun people. They rely on other peoples’ aoes to do lots of the killing because warrior can only assault single opponent.

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If you’re repping in a party, your job is to collect plus not let the other people die. Do this by A) learning the pulls plus B) using Noble Responsibility plus sweep hell.Rep GuideI will do my best to describe how to rep with efficient pulls. For beginners, reps (repeatable quests) are how you level in this game. You do the same quests over plus over again until you level plus move on to the next set of quests. All reps need killing. To be faster, it helps to know how to kill the most guys the quickest. A “Pull” is what they use to explain a way to collect the monsters to be killed. than walking out plus killing monsters individually, it is faster to collect them in to one place plus kill them with AoE (area of effect skills). Some classes like warrior plus assasin dont have AoE skills, so they want to party with someone who does (priest, wizard, summoner, archer). As a warrior, you will be the tank of the party, meaning that you will run plus collect the monsters plus take all the hits. Other classes are not as tough as us, so it is important to keep the monsters attacking you, do this by using the “Noble Responsibility” skill. Now, one more thing. There are 3 types of monsters: melee, ranged, plus magic. Melee are your best mate because they are so easy to pull. run through plus they follow you. Ranged will throw rocks or shoot arrows at you from a distance, but if you get close, they turn to melee. Magic monsters are annoying because they seldom turn to melee plus so it is hard to pull them. Usually you want to make use of a tree or something to bring them to where you want them to be going.Horusland: 1-18Usually, you dont want to pull monsters to one area here because the AoE skill requires like lvl 16 to make use of. So for this area i labled where the quests are. Also I labled where a quantity of the people are for the beginning quests because I often listen to people ask where these quests/ npcs are. For the 7-10 reps, port to Muffin Hunter Camp. For both 11-13 plus 14-16 reps, port to Horusland Village. For 17-18 reps port to the Inquiry Team’s Camp.Tarat Plains: 19-27For 19-21 reps, port to Temporary Camp of Gate Battle Soldiers. For 22-24 reps, port to Spilban Adventure Team Camp. For 25-27 reps, port to Northern Watch Tower of South StreetChesed: 28-33For all the reps here Bone Collector Camp is the nearest portal plus you want to port here from Magnaskia Military District.Cochma: 34-39These are the worst ever. For 34-36 reps, port to Temporary Jigoris Fortress. For 37-39 reps, port to Elderly Ternpole Town. Again, through Magnaskia.Binah: 40-48For all reps here, port to Village of Silent Sheeps. Again, this is through Magnaskia.Geburah: 49+Port to Chaos Assault Team Advance base.Hopefully this helps some. If you have any lovely suggestions you can put them out in our comment . Thank you plus welcome next time !

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Turn Her Cheeks Pink With A 1st Birthday Surprise


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Submitted by: John Smith

Doesn’t time fly when you are having fun, especially when you have a baby to attend to, with all her constant needs? For the past year she has turned your life on its head, in a good way of course, and sometimes you get the feeling that you are no longer in charge of your own life, but only exist to wait on her hand and foot. Mostly though you revel in the fact that you have this gorgeous, bubbly small person to care for, and she makes you ecstatic just with a gurgle or a smile. Suddenly you find that your baby girl’s 1st birthday is fast approaching and you want to throw a 1st birthday girl party for her and her cute little friends, to mark the occasion. After all, this is the very first time that you have been able to honour her with a celebration, and so you want to make sure that not only she, but all of her 1st birthday girl party guests are happy. To make sure that the day goes well you need to do a little preparation, such as the entertainment. However, at the age of one, most children will be focusing on what they can put into their mouths, and so the food and its presentation are very important. You want to make the table look wonderful and appealing to small people. Lots of bright colours will hold their attention, and a few wipe clean tablecloths will not go amiss.

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The first thing on your list of important items for a 1st birthday girl party are the guest invitations. A pretty set of 8 1st Birthday Girl Party Hugs and Stitches with envelopes will attract the guests’ attention with a lovely pink gingham background and sweet flowers and butterflies. Then the birthday girl just needs to sit back and wait for the acceptances to flood in. To give the 1st birthday girl party room a real fun party atmosphere you can decorate the walls with a gorgeous 1st birthday girl Party Hugs and Stitches Happy Birthday Banner, with each letter of the message presented in a patch work style. If you have 2 of these lovely banners you can also announce to the world where the party is taking place by placing one across your front door or garden gate. That way the party guests will not get lost and miss any of the party fun. The next step is to provide the cups and plates for the little loves. Disposable items are always preferable as they will not get broken, and you will not have to face a pile of washing up at the end of the day, when all you want to do is collapse into a comfy armchair with a nice cup of tea, or something stronger. You will be utterly worn out by the time the last 1st birthday girl party guest has gone home, covered in chocolate from head to toe, and no doubt there will be quite a bit of evidence of this chocolate in the party room, on the floor, up the walls and curtains and probably on the cat as well. The Pastel Pink Party Pack is perfect for a 1st birthday girl party, with everything you will possibly need. It contains plates, cups, bowls, napkins, knifes, forks and spoons for 8 guests as well as 12 cups, all in a lovely pastel shade of pink, and these will look stunning when they are laid out on the table. Once the guests are seated at the party table however, there is no guaranteeing that their decorum is going to be tip top. If you want to continue the theme of Hugs and Stitches, you can supply the little cuties with 1st birthday girl Party Hugs and Stitches plates, cups and napkins. To make the little princess birthday girl feel extra special and to give her an opportunity to show off in front of her girly gang, a lovely Award Ribbon with ‘I’m 1 today’ in the form of a cute pink rosette can be attached to her party frock. She will be so proud of this and will want to wear it every day, until she is 2. As part of the entertainment for her sweet little angel faces, a brightly coloured pinata in the shape of a number 1 will thrill them all, especially when they are surprised by all the sweets that you have stuffed it with. Then they can spend time stuffing themselves and all the other children with lots of sugary sweeties and you and the other adults can stand back and watch the sugar rush kick in. For the 1st birthday girl party guest of honour, a gorgeous Hugs and Stitches helium balloon tied to her party chair at the table will be as special to her as if it were a diamond tiara. She will be the envy of all around her, adding the finishing touches to a truly memorable occasion.

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