Equal Rights For Disabled Veterans: Because You Served


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By Victoria Belle-Miller

Veterans have provided a service to this country and are entitled to receive certain benefits, including home loan benefits from the VA loan program. Veterans who were disabled as a result of their service in the military are entitled to additional VA loan benefits, as well as fair and equal protection under the U.S. Department of Housing and Urban Development’s Fair Housing Act. VA loan benefits and the protection they receive from this act can help veterans find affordable housing and save money while allowing them to live comfortable lives.

HUD Takes Action Against Discriminatory Landlords

In early March, HUD charged two landlords in New York with violating the Fair Housing Act because they would not allow a disabled veteran, suffering from Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (PTSD), to have a doctor-prescribed therapeutic dog in his apartment. Once the veteran filed a housing discrimination complaint, the landlords allegedly threatened to evict him from his apartment. The case was reviewed and the verdict ruled in favor of the veteran, stating that the actions of the landlords were indeed a violation of the Fair Housing Act. The landlords received a $16,000 penalty for each violation of the act.

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Although the apartment complex had a “no-pets” policy, according to the Fair Housing Act, the landlords should have altered the rules for the veteran because he had a disability, especially since the accommodation in question was a reasonable request. John Trasvina, the Assistant Secretary for Fair Housing and Equal Opportunity, said it is their duty to ensure that veterans “have access to safe and affordable housing, free from discrimination.” HUD’s prompt action on this matter shows that the housing needs of veterans are heard and are met accordingly. Just as with anyone else, they do not deserve to be discriminated against.

Disabled Veterans Can Receive Other Benefits

Veterans who were disabled during their time in the military not only have access to fair housing advocacy, they are also eligible to receive special VA loan benefits. These benefits already offer great incentives for homebuyers, such as no down payment and no mortgage insurance. But disabled veterans receive the additional VA loan benefit of exemption from paying a funding fee and, in certain states, property taxes, which can save them hundreds or thousands of dollars! Disabled veterans also can receive accommodation grants to make their homes more accessible for their disabilities. These accommodations often include home improvements, such as renovating rooms to allow for greater access or building additions like wheelchair ramps.

As a Deserving Disabled Veteran, Make the Most of Your Rights

Disabled veterans have given up a lot for their country, and now is the time for them to let their country thank them. Disabled veterans can take advantage of multiple benefits the VA loan program has to offer, including access to affordable housing and the right to live in their homes without facing disability discrimination. To learn more about the Fair Housing Act, visit HUD’s website at www.hud.gov. To learn more about securing VA loan benefits and the additional benefits available to disabled veterans, contact a VA loan specialist!

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Latest 2010 Identity Theft Scams


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By Amy R. Adams

Economy Still Abundant with Mortgage Scams

Today’s economy is abundant with mortgage scams. Thieves are taking advantage of homeowners’ desperation, many with offers that sound too good to be true. These scams are generally under the guise of “mortgage rescue” programs. You must be very careful and not let your house get tied up in one of these scams. And these people are professionals, so please be very careful.

Equity stripping is one of the scams. If a homeowner is facing a foreclosure, a lender claims that they are rescuing the homeowner by purchasing the property and allowing the homeowner to stay in the property as a renter. In this scam, it is not always clear to the homeowner that they are turning over ownership of their house to the lender until the transaction is complete.

Another mortgage scam occurs when illegitimate lenders or credit counseling services pretend to assist in mortgage refinancing. These companies also call themselves loan modification companies. Many times these companies collect all your personal information and request you send a check to process the paperwork for a great new rate. The check is cashed, and the company or person disappears, but your mortgage rate remains the same.

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If it sounds too good to be true, be suspicious and check it out. Protect your family with a reputable identity theft product today.

Consumers Can Dispute Credit Reports with Creditors

The FTC recently testified before Congress and stated that starting July 1st, 2010, consumers will have a right to dispute credit reports directly with the creditor, also called a “furnisher” because they furnish the data to the credit reporting companies. Two examples of a creditor are a credit card company or mortgage lender.

In the past, the FTC only required consumer credit reporting companies (Experian, Equifax and TransUnion) to handle credit report disputes (they would in turn communicate with the furnisher directly).

This is a substantial change, at least on paper, to one of the biggest areas of consumer credit problems and identity theft. How it will work in practice, and whether it will improve things for consumers, remains to be seen.

Javelin 2010 Identity Fraud Survey Report

Javelin released their 2010 Identity Fraud Survey Report. It’s a mixture of positive and negative news. Identity fraud still grew by 12% in 2009, although less quickly than in 2008 (22%). However, cases are also getting reported and resolved more quickly. Javelin reports 11.1 million U.S. adults were victims in 2009 and the total fraud amount increased by 12.5 % to $54 billion. Average fraud resolution time dropped 30% to 21 hours, and nearly half of the victims file police reports, resulting in double the reported arrests, triple the prosecutions, and double the percentage of convictions in 2009.

Lastly, be aware that increasingly, identity theft starts with information that the thief finds online in public directories like white page listings. Be sure to get rid of these listings yourself, or choose an identity theft service that removes them for you. Here is how it works: Using these directories such as http://CitizensInfo.com or PhoneNumbers4.me, a thief looks up your info. They then have enough information to pose as you and open new accounts. It is scary to see how much info there is about each of us. Be aware and check yourself out.

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Mail Delivery Solutions For Ibm Mainframe


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IBM mainframe computers continue to be a vital part of the daily operations of corporations and government. From bulk data processing to resource planning to critical applications, mainframe computers are the backbone of business. Yet, IBM mainframe solutions have long been demanded in a world where mail-driven marketing continues to grow. As bulk mailing lists continue to be used as a primary source of new and repeat business, mail delivery failures continue to cost time and money for companies worldwide. Service providers have heard these demands and have stepped up to the plate in finding solutions. Software programs designed for IBM mainframe computers are able to quickly and cost effectively verify addresses, eliminate duplicate addresses, and standardize mailing lists. These programs are changing the way that IBM mainframe users market their business – saving time and money and making the process more efficient.

Address Verification Solutions

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Tailor-made software can help your company to quickly and efficiently validate addresses in your mailing lists by verifying them through USPS. The USPS Address Management System maintains addresses that have been standardized and certified. By using software to standardize your own addresses, you can prevent returned mail, thus saving the time it would take to process the returns and fix errors. You also save postage and production costs. Be sure to use a USPS certified program to ensure that your addresses are directly matched to those maintained by USPS.

Change of Address Solutions

This software also effectively handles change of address issues. Companies often don’t realize that they continue to send their resources to people that have moved, and they month USPS database to more effectively monitor address changes.

Duplicate Elimination Solutions

Another exciting feature is the ability to eliminate duplicate addresses. Rather than simply identifying exact matches in the system, the software uses “logic” to analyze abbreviations and extra words in the address such as an apartment number that may show on one address but not the duplicate. This enables the program to more effectively identify, combine, and delete duplicate addresses. The most complete, standardized form of the address will be maintained, although the user is able to set parameters as desired.

In the world of mail and data processing, IBM mainframe solutions are more readily available at affordable rates. Be sure to look for a service provider that can offer technical support and has had successful results.

Anchor Computer Software offers cutting edge IBM mainframe solutions. Visit AnchorComputerSoftware.com.

Fashion Industry Mergers And Acquisitions Boom


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By Orietta Qi

Economic instability, unemployment is still rising, as if blowing the acquisition of the fashion industry’s boom. Private investment companies have a lot of surplus capital waiting to digest, compared to stock price and earnings fairly low, investors are holding funds accumulated by the time ready to re-spotted investment. Means of financing available for paving the way to achieve the transaction. Transaction tax will increase next year the price goes high, became the catalyst for mergers and acquisitions completed this year.

Global mergers and acquisitions in the third quarter of this year surged to 599 billion U.S. dollars, according to Reuters data, which increased by 35.6% than last year in August to become the largest volume of transactions over the past decade in August.

Financial markets are not calm, or take transaction can be aborted at any time, but still grabs a lot of fashion companies. Popular books on target mostly cash-rich, low debt, the stock is relatively cheap business.

Easy to master prelude to the fashion giant

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Recent travels is sweeping the retail monopoly Maternity Destination Maternity Corp. By Peter J. Solomon Co investment company and intends the acquisition phase, although the buyer and the seller refused to make any comments on the matter. Destination Maternity is no doubt for its new owner in pregnant women increased supplies on the market a lot of influence. The company’s current market value is $ 225,000,000, in Motherhood Maternity, A Pea in the Pod, and the name of its namesake brand total of 701 retail stores, under the name also has several large chain department stores in the United States such as Macys, Sears and Kmart in the business business license.

American Apparel Group, American Eagle Outfitters Inc. Also reported last month, the wind will be acquired. Investors are also watching young men and women bear the casual apparel retailer Aropostale and the United States’s second-largest sporting goods retailer Finish Line Inc. As a possible takeover target. Finish Line’s spokesman declined to respond to the rumors, and Aropostale official also made no mention of matters.

The luxury fashion brand, international private equity investment firm TowerBrook Capital Partners acquired the footwear brands in recent years, robust in much of Jimmy Choo. In addition, Rodarte fashion brand is working with the Louis Vuitton LVMH landed one after another to keep the acquisition talks.

According to this trend in the near future, perhaps a lot of fashion giant behind the boss will put on new faces.

“Now a lot of good deal on the market,” global retail consulting firm AlixPartners David Bassuk, managing director of the Department, “said private equity players are close watch on every investment opportunity.” This means that leveraged buyouts and be back on the market, despite the increasingly stringent lending mechanisms that make acquisitions when investors may not apply to loans with the former as high, but the mature market and many senior investment professionals can help a lot of their transactions.

Bassuk said, “Currently we have more in financing to buy the senior director responsible for private equity and hedge funds business, ready to take over and operate the target company. So many professionals, you might think they have retirement, is enjoying its own garden, leisure life, but it is not. “

Some well-known companies have begun to CEO in private equity investment business, including the former U.S. private equity firm Lee Equity Partners’s fashion retailer Deb Shops Inc. Non-executive chairman Allen Questrom, there is J Brand’s chairman Peter Boneparth investment companies are now also being employed by Star Avenue Capital.

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Human Resource Management Is Most Important Area For Improvement In Any Company


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Organisation is a group of people working together to achieve a common goal. We observe that these group of people can increase to any number and many companies now have number of employees in thousands. Human Resource Management is a process to organise and to conduct employees related actions in most efficient manner in any organisation. Whether it is a small organisation or it is a large group of people Human resource department always has some very important tasks to do or to achieve. In this article few of these task are mentioned.

Very first responsibility of any Human resource management team is to decide policies related to conduct of human resource behavior. There can be many such guidelines for example to decide leave policies. While developing any such Human Resource Management policies references of other companies can be taken and experience of any HR manager plays a crucial role in deciding the right policies. Small policies like attendance rule and leave policies can play a important role in deciding overall employee satisfaction ratios. The key is to think irrationally and cumulatively.

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Human resource planning is another point of importance in any human resource department as it provides any organisation a flawless man power supply. This part (Human resource planning) can be a little complicated as every organisation has future plans and there is requirement to hire professionals for the same. Time gaps between the requirement of human resource and the actual availability can be revenue loss to the company and same is true in case of excess of human resource. Therefore human resource planning is another point which requires a great amount of experience and understanding of different industries. Different industries may have different demand supply graphs for human resource and therefore the impact on human resource planning can not be ignored.

Hiring employees is another challenge in front of human resource department as it involves hiring right people for right positions. Many modern economic theories explain Human resource as most valuable asset of any organisation and this is very true as well because in today’s competitive environment only the ability of your staff can give you a cutting edge over others. Now any human resource manager may find himself helpless to identify particular technical skills in any prospective employee but often the head of the department or other existing technical staff take technical round of interview. Responsibility of any HR manager is to ensure that a prospective person has all the required soft skills.

To maintain employee relations is some cases can be very beneficial for any organisation as it provides a smooth and motivational working environment. While employee relations if not maintained properly can be very destructive in any organisation and can lead to strike and unhealthy politics. Some economists believe that unhealthy employee relation acts like termite which eventually eats up all the organisation. Different human resource policies acts like and stimulates in developing good employee relations in any organisation. Therefore openness and boldness must be part of your organisation’s policies.

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Things To Consider Before Building A House


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Having a new own home is everyone’s dream. No one can deny this fact since buying a home is most likely everyone’s most precious property investment they will provide for themselves and for their family. So once you have the chance to buy your own, it’s important that planning should be done properly so that you would get your desired house design at reasonable price.

Basically, when planning to build a new home, there are a lot of necessary things to take into consideration. Of course the first thing to care about is your financial status. It’s really important to ask yourself if you are capable of buying a new house. To start with this, you need to prepare and analyze your budget or expenses. If you can also afford to seek advice for a financial adviser then go for it. Your chosen adviser will help you budget your money to be spent for your new house.

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The next thing to do is to determine the needs of your family. This is also important so that your expenses for building your home will not exceed to your allotted budget. If ever there will be excess on your money, then that’s the only time you can make a secondary list for your wants. Once you are already decided on those details, then you may now proceed to determine where your house will be built. When considering for the location of your house, it’s necessary to think for what kind of lifestyle your family has. If you are working on the city, it’s recommended that your house should be built near on your office or at least be accessible to public transportation. As much as possible, it should also be near on markets, schools and other public establishments so that you would not get a hard time going to these places. You also need to assure that the surroundings of your house must be clean and peace.

Once you have your own parcel of land, then it’s time to conduct a house plan. For better planning of your house that meets your budget and needs of your family, it’s best to ask assistance from a Reliable and Affordable Home Builder in your local to prepare your house architectural design. Once your house plan is finished, you need to provide a copy of it to your local government so that you can be authorized to get your building permit. When these things are done, don’t forget to hire a building inspector to secure that your home complies with all of the laws and regulations in your country.

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