What Is The Obama Moms Return To School Program? Get $10,000 For College With A Free Scholarship!


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What is the Obama Moms Return To School Program? Get $10,000 for College with a Free Scholarship!


Mark Hudson

Obama moms return to school program has been a very hot topic of discussion in financial aid forms ever since Pres. Obama was elected and signed stimulus bill to increase the Pell Grant across the nation.

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Did you know that you can get a Free $10,000 scholarship for women? Since then there have been many private companies that are now issuing a $10,000 free scholarships for single mothers and women who qualify. This money has helped many moms get back into school without having to worry about getting a second job in order to afford college tuition. The Obama moms return to school program, or commonly known as Obama grants for single moms allows you to get at least $5000 in the Pell Grants from financial aid. In addition to this there are also private companies issuing out a $10,000 private scholarship for single mothers each month. Both of these funding sources give you money in the same terms as grant money. Meaning that you do not ever have to return this money as it is essentially a gift to help you go back to school. That is why the \”obama moms return to school\” program has been so popular, because the additional $5000 to the $10,000 scholarship helps covere any additional expenses in college. This money can prevent you from having to secure another job while you are in school. Update: Did you know that you can get a $10,000 Free scholarship

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